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Keynote Speaker & Online Coach
Anu Tähemaa

My purpose is to bring out the best in everyone.

I inspire speakers to become more persuasive, business owners more passionate, leaders more motivating, teams more impactful, and collaborators much more connected with their duties.

My professional career is a fascinating mixture of business and culture. One of my friends says that there’s no business without creativity and successful creativity is an organized business. I believe she’s right.  

I love to address both the left and right side of the human brain to get my clients and their teams
on a higher energy level — and provide the tools that
keep them on that higher energy level for the mid and long term.



Join with me April 30th at 11.00-15.00 in Zoom (In Estonian)
Open practical workshop "Tips, practice and analysis for online meetings” organized by Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
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UUDIS! Hea ettevõtja, coach, koolitaja, tegevjuht, keskastmejuht, kes sa viid läbi veebikohtumisi!
Tule avalikule koolitusele “Interaktiivne töötuba: Veebikohtumiste nipid, praktika ja analüüs” 30. aprillil 2021 kell 11.00-15.00 Zoomis, mida korraldab Kaubandustööstuskoda.
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Leadership Workshops

Sessions fo leaders who are ready for a change. Ready to develop their skills and shine brighter to achieve their goals. If the goal is clear, the "how" needs to be solved. It is never alone - it is the team-building, communication. How to beco inspire teams, create better corporate culture, improve communication and presentation skills, take care of your health and mindset, release stress and prevent burnout?  Read more ...

Keynote Speaking

Speech starts like usual, and suddenly - the audience is engaged being “the other side the curtains”in their minds - actively part of the presentation. No time to take notes, because everyone is busy and involved to listen, imagine, act, feel and remember. The whole room is full of live experiences, connecting Arts with business. Read more...

 Online Performance

It’s the meeting. The webinar. The workshop. The speech... The one that is the most important. The opportunity to leave a first impression. You feel quite comfortable when it comes face to face but you are unsure about how to transform all this energy successfully into an online meeting. Can I use the same pitch I’ve used before? Is my message clear and memorable in a good way? Too many questions. Read more ...

Our ongoing challenge is to find ways how to keep a strong team spirit in the team when most of our work is independent of others. At the same time, we have free working hours and remote office possibility is used often. The situation doesn't make strong feelings as it is a challenge we have to work consistently. Our experience with making music was a big surprise for us who we do not know anything about music and never done it. But this the funny practical session together with our team gave a strong impact on team spirit. I would definitely recommend the training if someone’s goal is to strengthen the relationships between teammates.

Andres Ruul Co-Founder  and Google Ads Lead at Holini OÜ, (Estonia)

What an experience! Absolutely the first time in my life I explored this kind of seminar form! Especially, the way how the theory and stories and activities, were crossed and combined with each other. This process took me out of my thoughts to enjoy the moment and to value the time itself. The stories about cultural differences, reactions… In some moments I was deeply touched and the other moment laughing with tears. This helped me to better understand the people I’m working with. 

Ronald Scharf Director, film & TV editor (Germany)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I’m also happy that after the interactive seminar we incorporated practical learning lessons to make it more meaningful and not just about beating drums. Ms. Tähemaa’s unique way of communication, listening to each other and synchronization will stay with me forever.

Rina Wasli (JCI Malaysia)

Explore PURE MAGIC to become a better leader

Many leaders are trained on how to create strategic plans and achieve business goals using long standing traditional methodologies & tools. However, this alone does not ensure a good business outcome. Even more important therefore is, to improve leadership skills like Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Empathy and Communication. Without these skills, leaders cannot enhance their performance. Mistakes can be made, time is lost and the most valuable asset of an enterprise – its people – are not completely leveraged.

In my unique tailor-made programs, I will help you to add MAGIC to your leadership. You will learn and be provided with leadership techniques similar to the ones used in training for choir conductors or stage directors. This will be out of your comfort zone, but it is safe, full of fun and PURE MAGIC. Therefore, I encourage you to experience the magical life behind stage curtains.
In this context, I can help facilitate to enhance and improvise on the following set of skills:

  • improve the skills of self-expression and team-building 
  • keep the mood up, be clear in communication
  • build an atmosphere of motivation
  • give feedback to inspire positive changes
  • keep focus and to be fully present in every moment
  • pay attention on relaxation and self-care to prevent burn-out

The tailored sessions or seminars are usually built upon the goals of the organization’s individual challenges. Based on my 20+ years of experience and knowledge, I will suggest you appropriate content of form, activities, and length to improve the culture in the company.

The business benefits with engaged and happier leaders, who will create a more enabling environment that will attract new talents to the organization. Education, culture, and performance will help you to become a better leader to shine and inspire the world.

If my shared thoughts invoke interest and passion for a transformational journey in this path of leadership, please contact me over my cell phone or email.