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Welcome to my page!

  •  Are YOU are tired of speakers who deliver presentations that leave your audience snoozing in their seats? 
  • Do YOU freeze up when you get up to speak publicly?
  • Are YOU in need of a public speaking export who can transform your leaders' worst nightmares into wildly successful presentations, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and elevating your company image above the rest?
  • Do you crave a team-building experience that not only imparts valuable insights, but also creates long-lasting bonds and ignites a fire of creativity in your departments? If your answer is YES to at least one of those questions, please contact me. Let’s have a call to consider our collaboration. 
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Corporate Maestro

My name is Anu Tähemaa, and my professional career, more than 30 years, is a fascinating mixture of business and culture. I have been a performer and a conductor on stages, and a director, facilitator, and organizer behind the scenes as well.

Today, my passion is to inspire business leaders to create harmonious work atmospheres and collaborative company cultures – THROUGH the ARTS – so YOU will achieve better results. I see every organization as an orchestra. That is why I describe myself as a Corporate Maestro.

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  • 19.05.2023
    Online course: How to write a graduation speech with writer Birgit Itse, and  Anu Tähemaa. Masterclass LÕPUKÕNE MEISTRIKLASS is in Estonian  
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  • Since 24.04.2023 you can join with Facebook group AVALIK ESINEMINE 
    Anu Tähemaaga in Estonian. JOIN HERE
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    Coming soon:
    A four-week online course, FIND CONFIDENCE SPEAKING ONLINE for Public Speaking Beginners (English)
    12-week online GROUP MASTERMIND for Advanced Public Speakers (In Estonian and English)



Team-building Workshops

Corporate leadership sessions for leaders who are ready for a change to develop their skills and shine brighter to achieve goals. If the why is clear, the how will come ... to inspire teams, create better corporate culture, improve communication and presentation skills, take care of your health and mindset, release stress and prevent burnout. It is never alone - it is the team-building with common mindset.  Read more ...

@Rünno Lahesoo

TEDx Speaker

The speech starts. And suddenly - something happening. No time to take notes, because the audience is busy and involved. Yes to listen, imagine, but also surprisingly act, feel and remember. Engaged being “the other side the curtains” in their minds - actively part of the presentation. The space is full of personal experiences, connected using the power of Arts in business in a meaningful way. Read more...

Online presentation coaching

 Presentation Expert Public Speaking Coach

It’s the meeting. The webinar. The introduction of the project. The one that is the most important. The opportunity to leave a first impression or persuade old collaborators. You feel quite comfortable when it comes face to face but you are unsure about how to transform all this energy successfully into an online meeting. Can I use the same pitch? Is my message clear and memorable in a good way? Many questions. Read more ...

Our ongoing challenge is to find ways how to keep a strong team spirit in the team when most of our work is independent of others. At the same time, we have free working hours and remote office possibility is used often. The situation doesn't make strong feelings as it is a challenge we have to work consistently. Our experience with making music was a big surprise for us who we do not know anything about music and never done it. But this the funny practical session together with our team gave a strong impact on team spirit. I would definitely recommend the training if someone’s goal is to strengthen the relationships between teammates.

Andres Ruul Co-Founder  and Google Ads Lead at Holini OÜ, (Estonia)

What an experience! Absolutely the first time in my life I explored this kind of seminar form! Especially, the way how the theory and stories and activities, were crossed and combined with each other. This process took me out of my thoughts to enjoy the moment and to value the time itself. The stories about cultural differences, reactions… In some moments I was deeply touched and the other moment laughing with tears. This helped me to better understand the people I’m working with. 

Ronald Scharf Director, film & TV editor (Germany)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I’m also happy that after the interactive seminar we incorporated practical learning lessons to make it more meaningful and not just about beating drums. Ms. Tähemaa’s unique way of communication, listening to each other and synchronization will stay with me forever.

Rina Wasli (JCI Malaysia)

I'm so happy and grateful that you found me!
Public Speaking on-, and offline can be joyful if the
training process is creative, — safely out of your comfort zone
full of surprises and gives you awareness, skills and confidence.

Is this what you want?
Are you ready?

My background is in culture & performing arts. I have been on both sides - at the stage as an artist, and behind the curtains as an organiser. I have been the founder and creative lead of many international performing arts festivals, events and innovative projects - a world full of colourful experiences.

As a creative entrepreneur, I'm using art  - music, drama, movement, instrument playing etc -  as a wonderful tool to prove you, how shining and creative leader you are. You will be surprised by yourself if you learn how to get balanced, aware and allow yourself also to relax and try out something different. You will become much better leader! My methods are fun and creative, unique but universal - safely bringing you and your team out of the comfort zone with joy and positive emotions.

There’s no growth in a comfort zone.
If nothing changes in the methods, how do you expect the results to be different? 
So if your methods aren’t working, I encourage you to try mine.