About Anu Tähemaa

Over the last 25 years, life has been offered me so many colourful experiences in different areas and countries all over the world. I’m so grateful to my dear family, friends, all my teachers, mentors, students, partners, and clients. Without you, I would be in a different place. So thank you to help me to become, who I am today to enjoy my life and work with people I share values.

I stand by performance, education, leadership, and culture. It is my pleasure to guide people in different age groups to find out and create new ways to help them to achieve their goals and to see value in what they are doing.

I am passionate to discover new, innovative ways, that help individuals and organization leaders to connect Arts and Business in a meaningful way. 

In Everything I do, I challenge people to raise your standards in engagement and collaboration: to build up their confidence and expand their skills and creativity to shine fullest.

I'm a professional musician, teacher, choir director, educator, speaker, movie casting director, program manager, director & founder of different international festivals and organizations. I'm the owner of Circus Tree and HOOG festivals.

I have been working for the National Opera, KUMU Modern Art Museum, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Air Traffic Services, Office of the President of Estonia, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Coca-Cola Company, TEDx Tartu, Taska Film, Luxfilm ja Kinosaurus Film, Junior Chamber International World Congress, Stockholm Street Festival, Mirabilia Festival, Mindvalley University, Estonian Forensic Medical Examination Department, Mozarteum University Salzburg, American Orff-Schulwerk Association-Music and Movement Education, Rahumäe School, Kurtna School, etc entrepreneurs, individuals, and corporations in different sector.

I hope our paths will cross soon. Would it be as
- 4-week online course for public speaking beginners “Find Your Confidence”
- Inspirational Day for organizations: “The Time for Yourself” or ask me to give my
- Interactive keynote speech “What organizations can learn from Orchestras .

I guide and encourage you to galvanize your energy, focus, purpose, and emotions. You will be taken on a journey and are given opportunities to express yourselves and truly embody your potential. Yes, it is all a bit out of your comfort zone, but it is safe and a lot of fun.

Let's have a fun!