Find Your Confidece
4-week online course for public speaking beginners
Coming soon

Hey, I am happy you found my online course!
And probably because you found some information about the coming 4-week course for public speaking beginners? 

If yes, you are in the right place because we will start again as soon the group is filled. You are welcome to join us to discover your confidence on the stage!

Giving a speech is a lovely tradition and a valuable skill that helps connect people. Even you have never done it, you better start! It might be for your family, friends or co-workers. Giving a speech, warm-hearted salutation online or face to face at whatever gathering or company's event to create an atmosphere.

If you want to be sure how to create a memorable speech, so people remember you, join me on a 4-week course for public speaking beginners to discover how to. This course will build a strong foundation in the art of performing and will enable you to speak more confident in front of your audience.

In this course, you will learn how to:

- work with your mindset and start to trust yourself;
- overcome your fears and become more confident;
- prepare and practise delivering your message, becoming more you in the spotlight.


FOR Whom? This course is ideal for people with little or no experience in public speaking and those who want to strengthen their public speaking skills. Entrepreneurs, project managers, coaches, moderators, webinar and podcast hosts, influencers, and keynote speakers are all welcome.

WHEN? Four weeks from February 1-23rd, 2022. For participation, you need a Facebook account and Zoom platform. The course consists of pre-recorded videos/materials provided by the instructor in a closed Facebook group, which you can follow in your own time. In addition, we will have a live 1-hour Zoom workshop with presentations and feedback per week on Wednesdays in Zoom.

Would you mind saving dates on your calendar? Times are as EET (Tallinn time).

Week 1
Modul 1/4 Facebook group
LIVE 1 Zoom workshop 1

Week 2
Modul 2/4 Facebook group
LIVE Zoom workshop 2

Week 3
Modul 3/4 Facebook group
LIVE Zoom workshop 3

Week 4
Modul 4/4 Facebook group
LIVE Zoom workshop 4

WHY with me?

Leadership, teaching, and public speaking have been my life for over 20 years. I have a lot of experience in the field. I am also a musician, artist, and educator – and that's what I believe is incredibly valuable in what I have to offer as a public speaking coach. Not only that, but I use the performing arts and psychology tools to engage the brain in new, creative, and fun ways. I believe that stepping out of our comfort zone and thinking outside the box helps us think of more innovative solutions in our work and leads to happier, healthier careers.

Unleash your public speaking with joy and confidence in any situation!