Pure Magic
Inspiring Work Sessions with Anu Tähemaa
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Introduction to
PURE MAGIC Work Session


The PURE MAGIC method targets open-minded new generation business leaders, who are interested to learn about new innovative ways on how to leverage Performing Arts in Corporate Environments to:

  • improve company culture

  • unlock the confidence of self-expression in your department

  • embrace team building and enhance focus

  • improve motivation, performance, communication, and collaboration

  • inspire leaders, find joy and prevent burn-out

Join the PURE MAGIC Introduction Work Session

You will learn about:

  • examples of innovative organizations, who used combined art forms and experienced a transformative learning process
  • best practices on how movement, drama, instrumental playing, etc. will help to create a collaborative group atmosphere with fun and lasting positive emotions, influencing the mindset of all participants towards a positive working environment
  • how Performing Arts can develop leadership skills and emotional intelligence, which help leaders better engage and collaborate in daily business


Introduction to PURE MAGIC Work Session
How to leverage Performing Arts in Corporate Environments

Target audience:
Open-minded and new generation business leaders i.e. Head of HR / Training, Chief of Staffs, Corporate Marketing / Communications / Events Managers, Executive Assistants, Chief Culture Officers, Chief Happiness Officers, etc.

Work Session Agenda:  
Introduction, practical experience, feedback, Q&A, Networking

Language:   English and Estonian

Additional information:   +372 505 8618   |   +41 79 852 9779   |   anu@adproductions.ee

We look forward to working with you!

More about PURE MAGIC

PURE MAGIC is a method by Anu Tähemaa, where various elements of the Performing Arts (music, dance, storytelling, drama, etc.), leadership and psychology, which she discovered over her 20+ years of a professional career, are combined.

During the work sessions, participants will be guided out of their everyday comfort zone, into a playful and open environment. This is a safe place for self-expression and personal development. Within a short span of time, performing actions will create joy, clear the mind, help to focus and relieve stress.

At the PURE MAGIC free Introduction Work Session in Zurich African djembes will be provided to give a lively example about the method.

Never played drums before? No problem at all! The most important is to allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and to enjoy yourself. You will get insight into an exciting group experience, a smile to your face and some new ideas to think about.

This new approach has been working successfully for international clients from different sectors - from IT to aviation, financial services, and education, as well as for the President's Office of the Republic of Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, as well as to other public, and private organizations.

We would highly appreciate if you would share this event with people who might be interested as well. Thank you!