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Become a better leader with Anu Tähemaa

The PURE MAGIC process is a safe and playful training for leaders, managers, and teams. In my unique tailor-made seminars and practical work-sessions, you will learn how to enhance your self-expression with joy and lasting positive emotions. You will use best practice cases to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted. You will find out how to work with the mindset of your employees or yourself towards a positive working environment. Also, how to use this technique to develop and implement long-term programs to release stress and prevent burn-out. Each experience will be customized for each occasion to better serve you with inspirational speeches and team-building events. 

Many leaders are trained on how to create strategic plans and achieve business goals using long standing traditional methodologies & tools. However, this alone does not ensure a good business outcome. Even more important therefore is, to improve leadership skills like Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Empathy and Communication. Without these skills, leaders cannot enhance their performance. Mistakes can be made, time is lost and the most valuable asset of an enterprise – its people – are not completely leveraged.

In my unique tailor-made programs, I will help you to add MAGIC to your leadership. You will learn and be provided with leadership techniques similar to the ones used in training for choir conductors or stage directors. This will be out of your comfort zone, but it is safe, full of fun and PURE MAGIC. Therefore, I encourage you to experience the magical life behind stage curtains.
In this context, I can help facilitate to enhance and improvise on the following set of skills:

improve the skills of self-expression and team-building 
keep the mood up, be clear in communication
build an atmosphere of motivation
give feedback to inspire positive changes
keep focus and to be fully present in every moment
pay attention on relaxation and self-care to prevent burn-out
The tailored sessions or seminars are usually built upon the goals of the organization’s individual challenges. Based on my 20+ years of experience and knowledge, I will suggest you appropriate content of form, activities, and length to improve the culture in the company.

The business benefits with engaged and happier leaders, who will create a more enabling environment that will attract new talents to the organization. Education, culture, and performance will help you to become a better leader to shine and inspire the world.


Sample Videos of PURE MAGIC Work Sessions

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